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The science of how trauma affects your body

with Alex Howard | 52 mins
If you are suffering with fatigue, sleep issues, chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, or many other related issues, there is a direct impact between stress, trauma, and your physical body. In this first video, Alex explains the science of this relationship in a simple and accessible way.
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What creates a maladaptive stress response?

with Alex Howard | 54 mins
A maladaptive stress response directly impacts upon the healing capacity of your physical and emotional bodies. In this second video, Alex explains the key ingredients that create and perpetuate a maladaptive stress response.
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How to RESET your nervous system for physical and emotional healing

with Alex Howard | 56 mins
In this final video, Alex introduces the RESET model of how to switch off a maladaptive stress response and cultivate an optimum health state. You will also learn about Alex’s groundbreaking RESET online coaching program.
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